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2006 Monaco Dynasty Platinum III

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I'm making this post on behalf of Peggy Groves.

With the sudden passing of Bill G, Peggy made the hard decision to put their coach on the market.  Those of you who knew Bill will know that whoever buys this coach will get a well maintained 2006 Monaco Dynasty with many upgrades.  Below is a link to the listing on RV Trader.


1 Exterior Front.jpeg

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I recall so many times over the years, speaking with Bill about all the upgrades he made to this coach.  Bill told me about things he fixed as he was advising me on how to fix mine.  So many times I watched him fix things.  I don't think he let anything go by for more than minutes from the time he got the necessary parts.  He impressed me with his attention to everything on that coach.

I just heard that Peggy reduced the asking price.  Sad that Bill is gone, I haven't looked in a while at the ad.

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