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2002 Dip, first MH to cut our teeth on

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Quick clean up and a 3 hr drive to hit a DMV with an open slot. Need to get the title switched over. Have several trailers that need titles as well, so I’m taking 1 and wife following with another. 

She cleaned up well. Getting there for sure. 


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Way to go. Nice work!!  

Vert NICE!!

Changed out lighting to LED Took out sink cabinet to paint and get rid of carpet under sink, yuck.  hillbilly handle fix is gone as well

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Gearing up for adding a new slide out topper. 
One of my leaks was from the old one ponding water in the middle, either from rain or from the AC unit. So off with the old wonky topper.

Had to drill out 2 of the self tappers in the side upright brackets. What a pain! Riveted up the holes and new brackets up. 







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Started on the Talin plates while wife cleansed inside. 

First side was learning curve, second side is better for my cutting ability. 

I drilled the holes. Quick bite and will caulk and rivet. 





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