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Leveling System Not Working

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Monacoers -


I've got an issue with my Jacks.  They were working fine until very recently.  Then, my control pad started "chirping" at me intermittently . . . then, my auto level feature would not work though I could extend the jacks manually . . . now I can no longer extend the jacks manually.  The control pad lights up ok but no "action" when I push buttons to extend the jacks.  I've already replaced the control pad with a new one from Lippert but that hasn't solved the problem.  Any suggestions out there?


Nate A.

2007 Knight 40PDQ

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2 hours ago, p.abbett said:

May need fluid. Check levelers for excessive fluid loss.

Nate, when you do check that hydraulic fluid level, you should have your slides all the way in, and your jacks retracted.  

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Hi Nate.  Maybe this will assist.  It's from my owners manual, and echoes what Bob Nodine and  Highwayman offered concerning that brake switch:

"Jacks Fail to Extend or Retract:

Ensure the park brake is set.
The transmission is in neutral.
The engine is running. 
If the control panel does not operate, check the 15 Amp inline fuse located with
the leveling system wiring approximately 16” from the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic pump has an internal circuit breaker to protect against overheating. If the
pump is used repeatedly in a short period, the breaker will trip and reset automatically in 5 to 30 minutes."

Something else to check is that auto-resetting breaker.  

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If you open the access panel next to the drivers seat you can unplug the wire from the parking brake. Take the coach end of the plug and jumper the two outside pins. If your jacks work you need a new switch that attaches to the parking brake. I had a bad switch and found it this way.

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I was having issues w mine saying the parking brake was not set when it was.  I replaced the parking brake sensor and that has fixed it.  (3 wired sensor in pic)20191208_092659.thumb.jpg.b0902b0d7ba60cdae72fbd938a86e1dc.jpg


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