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Slide considerations if adding a chest freezer

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We are considering adding a 5 to 7 cu foot chest freezer such as found at Lowes or Home Depot.  Two placement options come to mind.  Years ago we removed a jack knife sofa and put two lazy boys there on the full wall (30 foot) slide.  The quick option: We could remove one lazy boy completely we seldom use and place the freezer on that slide in the front corner.  The floor is wide enough but as that slide drops for a "flat" floor I wonder about the structural affect with the lifting and support when retracted when the freezer contains 200-300 pounds of meat.  This could allow easy swapping back for extended trips where freezer is not needed (maybe freezer in half the year and lazy boy in the other half year).  Another more complex option is removing the love seat sofa completely from the opposite side's shorter kitchen slide which does not raise and drop.  However, due to the outside TV, the floor at the couch is only 12 inches wide (the couch being bolted has no problem being cantilevered over the nothing ness).  I should be able to create a steel and plywood floor with additional supporting interior roller(s) to construct a 26 inch wide spot on top of the existing floor for the freezer to sit.  At that point, I'd probably remake the wider floor long enough to move the front lazy boy over to that side too backing up to the kitchen sink cabinets and thus creating space for a new small light weight cabinet relocating the love seat's drawer full of sewing/embroidery/etc supplies in its place on the full wall side.  This would be a more permanent change and also narrows the walkway when the slides are pulled in.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions please...including similar capacity freezer options for a storage bay (which are generally stuffed too).

Al H. '07 Patriot Thunder 45' 

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Not sure if it is a wise decision to place that much weight, freezer and contents in a slide. Another smaller option is to purchase an ARB combo freezer/fridge into a storage slide tray underneath the coach. It won't hold as much as the 5-7 cu/ft freezer.

I had to purchase one as I needed it to store a huge Halibut fish that I had caught while fishing in Homer Alaska back in 2015.

The unit can be used as a fridge or a freezer depending on the temperature you set it to. They are available in 37, 50, 63 & 82 quart capacities.

Here is a link to the 63 quart one that I have. https://tinyurl.com/ufsmte4

it fit very nicely in one of my storage slides.


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WE had a special basement tray that had a 1500# capacity fully extended.  I helped a guy build this. It was great. and as full timers, you usually spend more time outside.  This unit was in our 07 Executive.  It completely utilized the basement compartment. 

Attached are several photos.  The combination fridge/freezer was rated for 80# as a freezer. The grill had a quick disconnect to the coach LP.  Left side was all storage.  Tray was able to be locked in place every 8" as it was extended.   We ordered the coach without a curbside front slide. Always in the way and the basement access was so convenient.  More useful patio area too.

Paul A

20007 Exec Exterior 013.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 014.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 015.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 016.JPG

20007 Exec Exterior 017.JPG


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