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All Aluminum Neptune, replacing rivets and oxidation removal

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I have a 2004 Neptune 32PBD, with aluminum sides and top.  Has anyone replaced the rivets holding the aluminum sheets on the sides, some of the rivets seem to have loosened up.? If so, aluminum rivets or stainless?  Do the small holes in the center of rivets get sealed?
Also, the original white “paint” is dull and oxidized, any chance it’ll ever be shiny again without a full paint?

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Someone with more experience can vouch on rivets. Galvanic (I believe that’s the word) can occur when using dissimilar metals, ie steel with aluminum. Given the age of the coach, it might not be a big deal as it seems there tends to be other forces at work behind the walls and under the floors. 

As for polish, if it’s a single stage paint, and I would believe it is, TR3 resin glaze is hard to beat to bring back shine and remove oxidation. But again, someone who owns one would know the paint for sure. 

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