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Why does this site set all categories to FOLLOW?

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All categories in my profile are set to FOLLOW. Why is that?

Shouldn't a user set which topics or categories they want as opt-in, instead of having to opt-out ever single one?

Did I do something to cause this?


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The default for the site is “follow all”.  When we started the new site in Dec 2019 the default was “follow none”, but we received so many complaints we changed it to “follow all”. 

The best way to handle it would be to let the user select on sign-up, but that option is not available.  

The easiest way to change that is to go to click on your use name once signed in, click on “Account” , then “Manage Followed Content”. From there you have several options, but to unfollow, you can select “Forums” on the left hand menu, you can use the little check box in the upper right hand corner and “Select All”, then select “No Notification”.

You can also easily select which forms, topics, downloads, etc. to follow from that screen. 

Hope that helps. 


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