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Alternator Fail Alarm


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Hi all, I write for a friend who has a 2005 HR Ambassador.  He had an alternator failure and had it replaced.  All was fine (no alarm) until around 30 miles down the road when he stopped to fill propane.  When he started the engine, the Alt Fail light and buzzer-audible alarm started.  I am trying to help him, and have reviewed the schematics, but he doesn't have any drawing on where, physically on the coach, the ALT FAIL Relay (6-volt 87A type) is located - or the fuse going to it.  Is there anyone with a similar rear-radiator coach that can help? 

BTW, this condition is with ONLY the engine running.  The know problem of running the engine and another charge source (shore power or generator) in NOT applicable in this case.

Absent that, does anyone know where the alarm buzzer is physically located such that he can drive the coach without the loud alarm going?  Maybe even how to silence it...like a fuse or plug.  He and I are aware of the consequences of disconnecting the alarm buzzer, and he is accepting the risk that another alarm might go unnoticed.  

 -Rick N. 

2005 Exec, DD Series 60

2014 JGC Overland Diesel

Currently: Casa Grande, AZ


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On my 07 Diplomat it was my solar panels causing the alt fail chime. 
The 6v relay is located on the aft wall of the left front bay to the right of the front run panel. 
I think you will find the fuse in the panel. My chime is behind the dash in front of the driver.


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