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Idle up / Idle down - Switch

Karl Hampton

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I recently had my drivers side (the arm rest area) - instrument panel rebuilt (not the dash panel). While that came out well, one casualty was my “idle up/idle down” switch (see below). Note that part of the switch probably 2 prongs, are broken off (total should be 6 prongs?). It is 1” long by 3/4” wide. Inscribed as follows as best I can read it:


9803  L203


Q.1A  125VAC-DC

1AMP  28V  MAX








So far I haven’t found anything, including at Northwest supply to replace it (size wise). I didn’t use the switch that much, so one solution would be to abandon it. However, it occurred to me that someone on the forum might have one to sell or know where to look for one, so any input is appreciated.

Thanks Karl H - 1998 Signature



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I was able to find an electric repair shop the was able to replace the switch through Micro Switch (the original manufacturer) and it now works fine. Thanks for all the help. It was a rather convoluted combination of switches, wiring and parts, but they figured it out. I also acquired a 99 Executive wiring manual, which luckily matched my 98 Signature wiring.

I also had the DS plastic switch panel rebuilt, which is where the switch and others reside.

karl H

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You most likely have realized by now that there were only 4 prongs needed on that switch not 6 like you were wondering about on your first post. It should be a simple momentary switch, two prongs to increase idle, two prongs to decrease idle.

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