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What’s on your Curbside Slide on Windsor PST

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On our new to us 02 Windsor 40PST it has a raised platform slide on the right side, well currently it has nothing on it. It probably came with a custom designed J Lounge of some type? I’m assuming that J Lounge had ducts running under it and out thru the front, supply and maybe a return? So what do some of you have if not the original sofa? I don’t think just any sofa will work there because you will sit up too high and your feet won’t reach the floor. We plan on putting a fireplace credenza in that slide and put the tv on top but not sure. Let’s see some of your pictures and challenges if you put another sofa on it. We have a love seat recliner on the drivers side slide which is smaller than I like. 

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03 Windsor PST for us.  We took out the sofa and built a cabinet to fit in its place, for storage, electronics, and with a TV lift sized for 40" TV.  Picture below pre-doors and drawer faces.  Fit the ducting and vent into the design; just had the single furnace exhaust in it (bottom left of the cabinet).  And yes, had a jack-knife sofa in that space before.

Hope that helps, good luck with your remodel!


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