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Arizona Route Advise


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Will be attending the FMCA rally in Tuscon end of March and after the rally plan to travel up to Show Low, Az in our 45 ft Class A with flat tow.    Would love to avoid the Phoenix area as well as taken what I think could be a very scenic alternative route.

The simple route that I'd like to take appears to be taking highway 77 from just north of Tuscon up to Globe, AZ, then highway US 60 from Globe up to Show Low.  Neither of these routes are identified as motor carrier routes, but do not see any weight, clearance or other restrictions.  

If anyone in the group has taken either of these sections of highway in a motor home I'd appreciate any information or advice you could give.

Ward J

1999 Monaco Exec (sold)

2008 Newmar Essex

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We also have a 45' with tow. If you decide on going thru Globe and on up to ShowLow, you'll most likely not arrive as a happy camper. We stayed at the casino in Pinetop, a very nice campground, and did not take 60 South upon the advise of a Sheriff's deputy who advised us it was limited to 40'. We took his advise and went south using AZ 260 to AZ 87 through Payson. Very enjoyable drive. AZ 188 has about a 10 mile section that is gravel so that was out completely. IIRC there is a road restriction sign outside of Globe on US60. If you do decide to go that way, there a nice campground at the Apache Gold Casino in Globe. Personallly, coming from the South I'd take 10 North to 202 East to AZ 87 North and bypass Phoenix that way. Another shortcut would be 10 N to 202 E to 101 N to 202 E to AZ 87 N but it's easier to simply stay on the 202 which is a loop system around the Phoenix area....Dennis


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I take 60 to/from Globe & ShowLow through the Salt River Canyon with my 45' towing a pickup and don't consider it a problem at all.  There is no length restriction and Semi Trucks run the road all the time.  It is twisty and slow and beautiful but no problematic switchbacks.  I also take 188 to Globe from the 260, it is all paved and a decent road that goes past the Roosevelt Dam. 

You do not want to take 288 through Young or 191 through Hannigan Meadow or 88 through Tortilla Flat.

Arizona Length & Height Limits  https://azdot.gov/sites/default/files/2019/06/table-4-road-restriction-info-05082018.pdf

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Jim C. Thanks for that info. The deputy I talked to was pretty adamant about it being a safety issue. I'm pretty proficient in driving my coach since I've got 100,000 miles on it but he made it sound like those hairpin turns were deal killers. I've been on roads I felt I shouldn't have been on in the past, (Parts of Hwy 1 in Ca, Hwy 60 in Virginia) 15 mph switchbacks are not good if there's traffic.  Anyway, thanks for posting real life experiences with this road.  I was thinking of the dirt part of 88 I guess, near Apache Lake....Safe travels ... Dennis

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40' with full-size pickup ..... north of Mesa (Phoenix)...I've done 87 to Payson then 260 to Show Low several times....no problem.  I haven't gone north from Tucson except on I-10 , but you might consider 77 to 79 to 60  through Apache Junction to 202 to 87.....I haven't  done 202 to 204 to 87. 


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