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Custom Grey Tank Flush System


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This post is a follow-up to the one I made in regards to the grey tank blockage I had on our trip from New Hampshire to Florida late last October.

After clearing the blockage of an enormous amount of slimy gooey crap in the 1 1/2 inch elbow of the grey tank drain, I decided that the grey tank needed a back-flush system installed similar to the one that is on the black tank to hopefully reduce the amount of this slimy gooey crap that most likely forms on the sidewalls when parked for an extended amount of time.

Since I already had a functional black tank flush system and I didn’t want to add a complete new one for the grey tank I decided to purchase the sprayer that goes into the side of the tank first. I found one that was exactly like the one Monaco had installed back in 2001. I then laid out a plan to install some PVC piping and a 2 way valve so I could select which tank I wanted to back-flush.

Once I had all of the materials collected together it took only an hour or less to put it altogether. Once the silicone was cured and set, I tested it with water to see how it worked.

I am completely satisfied with the results and hopefully by back-flushing the grey tank I will eliminate any possibility of having another blockage again in the future.

Photo attached.

Custom Grey Tank Flush System.jpg

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What year & model coach was this one on?   I think this would probably be a good idea for my 09 Camelot which I currently fill all the sinks & empty simultaneously while the shower is running to try & get some type of flushing event.

Bill Graham
03 GX470 pushing our 09 Camelot 40QDP

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2 hours ago, rv_newbie said:

Hmmm...I/we have a problem somewhere.  I see your name & picture but nothing for a signature or Bio.  Do you see a signature for me?

Yes, I see your signature as I have copied and pasted it below.

Bill Graham
2003 Lexus GX470 pushing our 2009 Monaco Camelot 40QDP

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