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Visors Stopped Working

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Both of them. For the DS DPDT switch the 2 output wires have 12V with switch up and reverse polarity with switch down. How are these wires routed to the visor?. There are an additional 2 switch lugs for the dash lights which work.

 Are there any wiring diagrams or other suggestions?

 I haven’t checked the PS visor voltage/wiring which is more complicated with 2 switches and 2 relays labeled as PASS VISOR related. I did swap out the relays with no change.

2009 Septer 42’

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Every fuse with ignition off that has power is good, besides the switch has power. I discounted a second fuse but perhaps the switch activates a relay and there is another fuse - The 2 relays are labeled pass visor but they could be more than that - More to check. 

Since neither visor works my mind set is something common...

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I have had a lot of issues with the visor motors, but never both failing at the same time.  I cannot find a replacement tube motor that fits without manipulation of some sort.  I did manage to get them working again by disassembly and reassembly carefully.   Sometimes, it takes a quick down then up a few times to retract them.  I hope you have 12 volts at the visor with the ignition on, at least then you know the problem is then in the tube motor.  Removing the visor is easy as each is held with 4 screws and the wire is easy to access under the visor.   The end cap holding the tube motor is held with two screws on the visor itself.  It then just slides out.  Good luck.

At the last Perry Convention, a fellow conventioneer swapped out his visor/blinds for MCDs and gave me his old visors.   This will keep me going for a few years. 

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