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Gas prices under $2 a gallon here

Bob Nodine

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9 hours ago, jacwjames said:


Had to go to Sam's today, the price actually went down 2 cents a gallon. 

When I'm traveling in the motorhome and heading west I usually stop at this Sam's for diesel, seems to always have the lowest price around.


Sam's East is usually our last stop in the motorhome before heading to the house. It is 12 miles from there to the house so the coach gets stored with almost a full tank of diesel. Also their pumps are the auto type so the tank does not foam and gets filled to the brim. We almost always buy our gasoline there also and use the Sam's Master card. This February we had about $250 in rewards and cash back on our Sam's account.

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I too use SamsClub locally since it’s less than 2 miles and easy in out out for me.  BUT, the fuel card works best for me on the road since SamsClub is not always that convenient.

Today, locally in central Mississippi, my price at SamsClub, after my 5% Samscard discount , is about $2.16.  At Loves near me on the interstate, my cost would be $2.06 (1.99 + the card fee).   That’s over $ .60 below the Loves  posted price.  
So, the fuel card is normally the best option for me when traveling.

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