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Going more RED on tail lights

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 I decided I wanted more Red running and brake lights on the Aft of my Signature. 


So I ordered two Hella red and jumpered the wiring down to the bottom, third pair.


The two spots pictured 👌 at top provides plenty of backing lighting for my usage. 





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     If memory serves me, those are the same tail light used by a Ford or Chevy pickup from about 2000. I can’t remember the year or model. Does anyone know.?
     I have been having an issue of the bulbs no longer being tight in the socket. Does anyone have a solution other than replace all the sockets?

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2 hours ago, Dave Hinds said:

John where did you get the new red lenses at??  I have tried to find them to no avail...

Safe travels

Dave Hinds

2004 Monaco Signature

Will at

844 665 2291


Susquehanna motors.


Hella lights wholesale 

This is the second new set in 15 years for me.

I do have the two clear that I just removed.

30 days old 

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