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Lambert Battery Maintainer


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According to the manual, the Lambert charger is activated when plugged to shore power, running the generator or running the engine.  Any time house batteries fall below 12.9 the Lambert device will de-activate and reactivate at 13.3.  It should not be activated when not plugged in or running the generator or the engine.  I have found mine is activated even when unplugged and remains activated until house batteries fall below 12.9.  Does this mean that the house and chassis batteries are connected during startup of the engine?  My problem is at startup house and chassis batteries are drawn down and create too much load for the alternator initially causing alternator to only get up to 12 volts.  After running a while it moves up to 13.75 and everything is normal.  I have had the alternator rebuilt and it didn't change anything.  Any comments would be appreciated. 

Bob St.Romain

'04 Windsor 

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I think the problem is that your chassis battery is not at full SOC which is should be when connected to shore power or have the generator running. That's the main purpose for the Lambert Battery Maintainer. Something is not right.

I have attached two documents that I had in my files that may offer some help.

LAMBERT Battery Maintainer LE-415.pdf LAMBERT Battey Maintainer.doc

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