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Actually just a word of caution when traveling and in an area that has a hard freeze. The onboard water pump needs to be of concern. I was in Utah and the pump seemed fine, I had a heated hose for supply      but really cold overnight temps caused the pump to freeze and I did not know it. I noticed slight amount of dripping thinking it may be from the fridge, later to find the pump developed a crack. It began to leak more once I had the water supply hose attached.  

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Where and what bay is your water pump located at as mine is located adjacent to my Aqua-Hot system which keeps that bay fairy warm?  My tank bay has an Aqua-Hot radiator with its own thermostat plus the tanks have heat pads under them. My service bay on the other side of the coach has a RoadPro 12 VDC Heater which keeps the service bay heated when needed. When temps get near freezing or below, I always disconnect my water and sewer hoses and only hook them up when needed to fill the fresh water tank or dump the black and grey tanks.

One excellent idea to do when you think temps may do harm to your water pump is to put a drop light in there with a 100 Watt incandescent bulb next to the water pump. That should give off enough heat to prevent the water pump from freezing.

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My water pump is in the lower bay behind the water heater. Oddly the power inverter is also in that compartment  about a foot away from the pump. ( Gotta have it someplace) I also have a System Heat feature. it does not come on until it  gets below 38-40, but it is in the bay of water and sewer. Seems to have a small electric heater. Could be the temps dipped and I was not aware but I watch for that when in cold weather.  Thanks for the input.

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