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12v Water Pump power source


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So, in the 2004 Windsor 40PST there are 5 locations where the pump can be “turned on”. One of these places is above the passenger seat. I was working in there replacing a burnt bulb switch for Bay Heating when I inadvertently shorted out the supply to the water pump switch. I found two fuses for the water pump. There is one in the fuse panel located in the bedroom and one inline just before the pump, both fuses are OK. 

I think I may have shorted the  circuit to the latching relay that controls the pump.  

Question 1: where is this latching relay located?

Question 2: I have over 30 pages of electrical drawing for this rig but none show the water pump controls, can someone help me out with this?

Question 3: Does anyone have a plumbing layout drawing for this rig?

I am parked in Florida for another 6 weeks before I’ll require the use of this pump again.



2004 Windsor 40PST


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My Latching device is located near the water pump in the basement.  My wiring schematic shows a 5 amp fuse for the latching device. 

I've also read where Monaco sometimes put the latching device behind the panel above the passenger seat. 

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I didn’t see any latching relays behind the panel (that’s where my trouble originated). There is a square, flat box beside the pump but it only has two wires going to it with several going into the pump so this isn’t it. I am thinking the latching relay will be similar in size to an 87 Relay, correct?

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The relay is an Intellitec 00-00145-100 (this is what is on mine, assume yours is the same).  It is larger then the 87 relay, however, in my installation there is a relay mounted adjacent to the latching device.

It could be mounted up high in the same bay as the water pump.

Here is a link to a latching relay, there is a manual available for down load



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Jim B2,

To add to what Jim J has posted, my setup is the same as his. I have added some photos to help you understand the operation.

When you activate any of the five water pump switches that will activate the 10 amp Water Pump Latching relay which then activates another 87 type relay that has larger wires which  can handle the large amp load of the pump. There are also external fuses nearby in this setup.

In the second photo you can see the two fuses, the controller and the relay in the lower right corner.

Water Pump Intellitec 10 Amp Controller.jpg

Water Pump Intellitec Latching Controller.JPG

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