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Outside Front curb side camera

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Hey all, I had a mishap with my curbside front side camera. The housing broke but the camera is fine. Can't find the housing only anywhere.  TIA for any assistance. 07 Diplomat it's hooked into my Aladin...  It's a Voyager just looked again. Thx 



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The matching plastic housing is broken and couldn't find all the pieces. Can't be salvaged and look decent. Need to replace housing. Thanks 

Visone doesn't have suggested salvage yards. Called Colaw and Vurinks. NG 

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That's what I was considering as well as putting on what I have left and filling the rest with foam, shaping it and painting with original paint.  I'll set if I have to improvise. Voyager may have a replacement that I can retrofit. Thanks for the suggestions. 

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