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Drivers side rear slide won’t come out

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When I put the slide in this morn I heard a click like a tooth was missing in a gear. Now in camp I hear the motor but no movement. I believe I read where u can manually mechanically move the slide. Any help will b grtly appreciated. Thx my DIY friends, AGAIN

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bob, it sounds like you have the PowerGear system (electric motor driving a rack) and may have sheared the roll pin or broken the motor casing.

Here is a YouTube on finding a replacement motor if one is needed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPqxShbcEpg   Motors cost a fortune! My casing was cracked, not damaged as badly as this one so I reinforced it with JBWeld and left a c-clamp permanently in place so it would not torque the mounting bosses off.

You manually can move the slide in and out with a 1" wrench on the square shaft. All of this is accessible from the storage bay under slide. 

It's a real pain to replace a sheared roll pin if you have to do that. The pins are located in the gears that engage the rack.

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Thx all for ur responses. My manual has the tips on how to manually open or close the slide. We were up a dirt road in Duck creek Utah when this happened. The plastic broke gear is metal and $28 on Amazon. ALLWAYS bring ur tools my friends. 

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