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Another head scratching question


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Today when I was unhooking everything ont he coach in order to try to do a rest on the MUX I found something I cannot explain, maybe someone here can.

I unplugged from shore pedestal, I opened both batt disconnect switches, I completely removed + battery cables from all batts (chassis and house), I turned of the solar controller, I turned off the inverter and charger.....I mean I unhooked and turned off everything. I was dead coach.......

BUT I still had 12v power in the front run box on the house side feeding the multiplex system.......Where is that power coming from.....lol I finally disconnected the + lead right at the computer in the FRB so that it had no power. But how with everything off and disconnected did I still have 12.5v in the FRB on the house side?

What am I missing

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16 minutes ago, Frank McElroy said:

Well, you missed something.  Although you said the you turned off the solar, did you also pull the solar fuses at the house and chassis batteries?

no but it has to be the solar in some form.


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