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Snip the Tip Thermistor Replacement

Bob Jones

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Is anyone familiar with the Articca Snip the Tip thermistor replacement for fridges?

I have a Norcold 1200 LRIM that I have nearly perfect. Setting #1 is too warm by about 1c and setting #2 is too cold by about the same. Either way, in order to get it perfect I need to either move the existing thermistor around looking for the golden triangle or use something easier, like a dial that is on the Articca unit. 

Does anyone know if the Articca unit is actually an adjustable thermistor? Ie, it has both a thermistor to trigger the fridge to cycle based on internal temperatures and then that is offset adjustable so you can skew the ohms as desired for warmer/colder temps?

I did send them an email but have yet to hear back.

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