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Fault 111 Engine control module defective

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Going down the road with our 2006 Monaco Cayman diesel pusher, 42000 miles, the check engine and stop engine light come on.

We pulled over and , before shutting down, noticed that there was adequate oil pressure and the temperature gage was right where it had always been. Went to the back, checked the oil-full, didn’t check the coolant because of fear of blow off.

Called nearest Cummins in St. Louis, and the service person said we might be able to limp to the next exit and wait til the service truck and technician arrived-cost &256 per hour (on overtime) who would not work on anything “on the roadside”. We chose to limp along without the service call to the next exit and pulled into a Pilot for the night.

While parked I checked for codes and found #111 which came up “engine control module or component faulty.”

In the am, Cummins still starts and runs smoothly, still has the check engine and stop engine lights.

Trying to determine if we should chance  60 miles to nearest Cummins at 45 mph or call roadside assistance for a tow?

Anyone ever had an “engine control module problem”?

Whaley 96 raw


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I looked up code 111 on the Cummins app and it says it's due to internal failure of ecm circuits or supply voltage. Interesting that you say the engine still runs as the app says condition is a no start.

I'm a retired auto mechanic and IMHO if it runs with good oil psi and normal temp, I'd drive it without worries. Hope that helps. Good luck.


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Sorry to hear of your problems, I did a search as well off the Cummins quick-serve site to see if I could help at all, but doesn’t look like there’s much you can do.  

ShopTalk for the fault from Cummins states:

This fault code can only be caused by an internal ECM problem. Repairs are not possible for the ECM.”

Possible reason states:

Engine Control Module - critical internal failure. Error internal to the ECM related to memory hardware failures or internal ECM voltage supply circuits. Engine may not start. 

Not sure what you should do.  If it’s running okay, I would probably chance it if it’s not too far.  
Good luck, keep us posted.  


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Like you see in replies from JohnnyDiesel and BradHend, Cummins codes often say "or voltage supplies". That is because working voltages are very easy to monitor for engine conditions. Unfortunately monitored voltages can be influenced by battery voltages that vary due to charging conditions, faulty connections, battery condition, etc.

I'm with these guys, if oil pressure, engine temperature, and charging looks good I'd drive it to a repair shop or elsewhere with a weather eye on gauges. If you want to check things out before doing that you could look at and clean all electrical connections supplying power to the ECM.

Good luck.


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36 minutes ago, whaley96raw said:

Thanks to all who replied. We intend to stop at Cummins in Oklahoma City to get the ECM recalibrated, hopefully. Will keep all posted on the results.


Keep in mind Cummins will not know the settings for your ECM, hopefully they can copy the settings from yours.  If they can, be sure to ask for a copy of the ECM ISO file.  They can email it to you.  Keep that copy safe in case you ever have another ECM problem.  Cummins has no idea of your differential ratio, speed sensor location etc., etc. many pages of information required to duplicate what you have.  They can also give you a printed copy of the settings which is excellent but be sure to get the ISO file!  Cummins Insite will automatically copy the file as soon as they hook it up to your ECM.

If they cannot recover your ECM settings your choices may be a dealer who worked on your engine,  the Rev Group, Monaco or Cummins service in Elkhart or where ever the coach was made or from another owner with the same configuration as your coach.  The local Cummins dealer near the factory did the programming for Monaco.  I was saved by another owner as Coburg Rev and Coburg Cummins did not have it.

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