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Checking Duct Work

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Just a heads up on the quality of the installation of the duct work in my coach.

Since I'm installing new AC's I decided inspect the duct work using a small inspection camera.  Worked great.

When I was inspecting the duct going toward the back from the front AC I crossed over a gap in the duct.  What the heck.  So I did multiple passes and it appeared like the gap was all the way around.  It was ~15 inches back from an existing duct but there was no way for me or my wife to reach it through the duct. 

So after sleeping on it I came to the conclusion to just add a duct at the joint.  I decided to move the front duct to this location and then installed a larger duct right above the driver and passenger seat, figured it would be better to have more air there if we were running the AC while driving.   The new duct it in front of the refrigerator about midway in the coach. 

I used a side grinder and blade to cut through the first layer of ceiling material and plywood.  After cutting the proper size hole I used a chisel to to prior the foam board from the top layer of plywood.  I then used a combination of grinder and hole saw to cut a hole all the way through into the duct.  Attached is a picture of the gap, about 1/2" all the way around, there was not tape on the outside that I could see.   So with the access of the new duct hole I used foil duct tape to close up the gap and and alone the duct opening.  Wonder how much cold air I've lost over the years????

The other issue I saw was that both the front and rear duct extended past the duct opening.  Not the best design since it results in a lot of turbulence and noise.  So since I was installing a larger vent up front I took the opportunity to fashion a 45 degree turn by using a piece of foam block that I had.  Cut a long triangle shaped piece of styrofoam and positioned it flush with where the duct opening was and used foil tape to secure it in place and seal the then of the duct.  Now as the forced air goes down the duct it is diverted down into the opening via the 45 degree bend.  Did the same thing at the back. 

So it might pay to check your ducting. 

Duct Gap.jpg

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I checked the entire length of ducting and am fixing any issues. 

Last year I actually installed new gaskets in both AC's.  At some point the rear AC had been removed but when they reinstalled the just set it down on the duct with the slip joint pushing down on the duct and not seal.  Cut the opening from underneath and reposition the slip joint and resealed everything. 

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I was afraid also as I knew I'd see problems.  Fortunately all were fixable and I probably gained the equivalent of one full duct work of air. 

I was shocked at the gap in the duct work, wasn't expecting that. 

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