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replacement motor for older Carefree Windshield Power Visor?

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Hi All,

My driver's side power windshield shade died (swollen motor casing, so I assume *really* dead).  Originally made my Carefree Of Colorado - think it was called the power visor.  The old model with the ends that would break off.

Anyone know where to get a replacement motor?  (Carefree does NOT have any).  Motor is on the RIGHT hand side looking out the windshield.


- John

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Our passenger side shade died last year.  Carefree does not sell replacement motors.  I had to purchase a new shade.  PPL Motor home parts had the best price.  

Link to the passenger side shade.

Carefree Power Smartvisor on Sale | 25-9010 | by PPL (pplmotorhomes.com)

The PPL part number is 25-9010 and the Carefree part number is YS043QA36R-RP. It is 43" wide and extends 36". 

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Generic 12V DC 60 RPM Reversible High Torque Gear Box Speed Control Electric Motor

Search Amazon for the above.  This is the motor that I used to replace mine.  Plastic ends with two ears that break off?  Same ones still used in 2006.  About $15

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This is what shows on Amazon:


I haven’t taken the old motor out, so not sure of the shaft shape and diameter 

Does this one look correct? (physically as well as RPM)

Thanks for the help.

- John





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This is what I bought last year, actually bought 2 to qualify for free shipping.


Physically it was shorter then the original motor but seemed to have plenty of torque and I checked the speed of the drivers side and the repaired passenger side and they were very close. 

Be careful pulling it apart, the plastic pieces are no longer available from Carefree. 

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