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The Trip from Hell Further Update

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There is some progress, not a lot but some. The Bus was towed to the mobile mechanics shop, a week ago Friday. He called me Thursday and said he was going to look at it (he is extremely busy). Haven't heard from him since. No news is good news, RIGHT? We have moved back to our home base in Montana waiting for a call. Hopefully he can git it fixed in time for us to make it to So. Calif. for thanksgiving. We aren't to  keen on returning here in the snow. 

Update on the theft, the police aren't to optimistic, they said that it was hard to get fingerprints off of a can and DNA would take 2 years (where  is Abby when you need her). I'm sending in a report to my insurance company today. On the bright side, yesterday we picked up a used scooter, it even came with a power lift to haul it around. All for about what we paid for the one that was stolen. Heck of a deal. This one is heavier than the other one, maybe it will be harder to swipe. 

On the Go Fund Me front, I would like to thank those who contributed. I have already been trolled.  The only thing I can say is I hope this doesn't happen to you.

So as of now I am some what optimistic about the outcome. I will keep you informed.

Thanks again.


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Looks like your new lift has a swing a way, which is helpful but still gets somewhat old.

But more to the point. When traveling with the MH I keep the scooter secured inside the SUV. I have a pair of 7' foldabe ramps. It's out out of the elements and more out of sight. I suspect your platform is hinged to adjust to non level ground and hence the scooter will bounce with road variations which I didn't want especially when towing the car with less visibility.

The picture suggests the rear frame and not the wheels are lifted and if so maybe not the best. Mine has electronics under the frame in a steel box. Plus the rear area with batteries, seat, drive motor is a lot of weight hanging off the end of the platform. If so you might want to modify or change out the platform.

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