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Brake Light Lense Replacement

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2002 Signature: The Red Lense for the RR Brake light previously over heated and melted part of the receptical so that the bulb holder no longer will secure itself within the lense.

I see some number and letters Branded into the grey plastic on the back. 

Where does one start to look, or how can I find replacements for both the lense and the bulb holder?



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Gary,  My H/R Neptune has Chevy truck tail lamps. There should be numbers molded in the exterior surface of the lens. I googled the numbers and came up with the part number for the lens, then searched rock auto for them.

Screenshot_20211119-043327_Samsung Internet.jpg

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This why I appreciate all the Monacoers members so much. I find that Monacoers consistently want to be helpful by, freely sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Ivan K, A special Thank You to you.

It looks like you sent me a source for the exact part I need. (The Branded part # seems to match).

I immediately sent off my order.  Their ETA is next Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.



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Google the numbers on the lens. Mine is a 02 Dodge lens and the defective taillight circuit board that holds the 3 bulbs came from Amazon the next day. Or try the number on Amazon.+

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