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Windshield Wiper Not Working

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Got the motorhome out of storage today and found the windshield wipers do not work.  The wiper fluid does come out o.k. , but no action on the wipers.  Over the years when I would turn on the key to start the unit, with the windshield wipers in a off position, they would come on with the key turned on. I would turn the wiper switch to on and off and then everything was o.k.  Today, no action.  Any suggestion to start looking for the problem.  I see there is a fuse in the front distribution box.  Appreciate any help you may offer.



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Larry, I had the same issue on my 2004 Diplomat for about 3 years drove me nuts. Replaced the switch, pulled the wiper motor checked all the wiring and still the wipers still cycled every time I started the engine as you experienced, Then one day while driving south on 395 from Bishop, CA the fuel gauge needle started to move all over from empty to full. I stopped and opened the dash access cover over the driver side of the dash to see if there was a loose wire or ? and found a loose White Ground wire way down on the gauge cluster that connected from the wiring harness to the gauges. I tightened up the loose ground connection (nut on the gauge) and the fuel gauge was working correctly.

So I started to wonder if the ground issue was the issue with the wipes and when I turn the coach on after fixing the ground on the gauge the wiper issue was also fixed, no more having to cycle the wiper switch on/off to turn them off when starting the engine.

You should take time with a flashlight and check all the connections on the back of the dash gauges to make sure all the nuts holding the wires onto the studs are tight. If any are loose make sure to tighten with a 1/4" Drive  Racket and  3/8"Deep Socket ( if I remember correctly) so you can get to the nuts. It is a tight with all the wires crammed behind the gauges just take your time and check all the connections. The White wires are Grounds which have to be tight since they are daisy chained from gauge to gauge, if one in the middle is loose all the gauge down stream from that point at subject to intermittent operation.

Good hunting, with all the abuse these coaches take going down the roads we drive it a wonder the stay together as well as they do, but connections do loosen up over time and vibration so it a good maintenance practice to check and tighten connection every few years to have a piece of mind that things are going to work (hopefully) when your on the road having fun.

Larry Jervis

2004 Monaco Diplomat - 36' Triple Slide

2007 Dodge Dakota - toad

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