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Speedo Lights

Scotty Hutto

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Hello All,

I have a burned-out light in my speedometer assembly. I’ve pulled out the speedo (gauge, Not swimsuit), and it appears to be a sealed unit, with no way to get to the bulbs, so I don’t know what kind (incandescent, LED?) or the size (usually a 286 bulb). 

Has anyone opened this unit?  Is there a trick, or do I need to find a speedometer shop to fix it?


(PS - it feels odd when you’re the webmaster and can’t figure out which forum to post your question in. 🤣)

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Speedo?  Images!  Images!!  Arrgghh!

And as for "which forum", imagine how we mere mortals feel...

Seriously, thanks for all you and others do to support this site and make it the go-to site for monacoers everywhere.  Happy Thanksgiving!  

I wish I could answer your question, but electrical stuff is my albatross.   Maybe try Myron, handle YC1 on IRV2 forum...

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