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Gauge upgrade-2005 Diplomat 400 ISL

Gary Cole

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I'm in the process of replacing my Beede gauges with individual gauges. Never liked the combined gauges and poor accuracy. I also wanted to make room for a 10" 1080p quad camera system and a 10" double din stereo system which gives me a 5th 1080p camera. Freed up a lot of instrument panel space with lots of holes left to fill with cool stuff.😀 Still a work in progress. Using the original speedometer and rpm gauge for now until I make a decision. I bottom hinged the fabricated aluminum panels so that they can be opened to provide easy access. Took a lot of cleanup and rerouting of the rats nest to accomplish that. Anyone that has ever looked under a Monaco dash knows what I'm talking about. Might go with GPS speedometer. Hopefully It's far enough along so that I can finish it when I go south with the help of a friendly UPS driver.

Does anyone know where the coolant temp sensor is located and if the ECM and gauge shares the same output or the gauge uses a separate sensor.

No luck on the Cummins site. Might not know where to look. 

The Beede gauge naturally uses a sensor with a non standard Ohm range.

The photo is of a sensor located on top of the engine which I'm guessing is a high temp sensor as it is powered and seems to be NO at 45 F.

The temp sensor to the gauge reads 90 ohms at 45 F and is not affected when I unplug the wires going to the mentioned sensor.





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John, Instead of chasing all the sensor, etc. You might consider BlueFire Adapter and software. https://bluefire-llc.com/store No I am not an agent or rep for this product that I have used for last 3 years in our 2000 Diplomat. BlueFire works through the ECM and gives you more accurate information than the many sensors Monaco installed on the engine. Be happy to communicate with you or anyone else about my experience. Having an older engine I do not get the data available to you with your 2005 engine. 

Your Fellow Romer

Pat C

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John I purchased the unit from Amazon. Fursam or something like that was the seller. I would make sure the unit is actually full 1080p and supports the AHD camera standard.  The first one I purchased was neither. Have to read the fine print on a lot of

amazon products these days. Got a brick if anyone needs one.

The panels are .125 " aluminum and black walnut veneer. Next time I would use something like tung oil rather than urethane on the veneer.

I'm using the 4th and 5th cameras in a high low configuration at the right rear such that I can accurately judge right lane merging distance with the lower camera and see a long view of a street I might have to back into with the high camera. That can be a dangerous procedure at times.


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