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Cookin your bird


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone😎 after talking to my sister about our two different cooking styles figure i would querry everyone here on yours.

For the last several years i have been using my Weber kettle with kingsford charcoal, the day before i cook the bird i use a rub that i smear under the skin of the breast, then use the rest on the outside. I put it back in the frige overnight, the next day i build a indirect fire, put a drip pan in the middle an let it go. I cook mine w/o stuufing at about 13 min per pound, let it go to temp, pull it off an let it rest about 30 min then slice it up an dig in. The best part for me is thats “my contribution” towards the meal, by that i mean i tell everyone its a science that requires intence concentration, which requires i stay hydrated 16 ounces at a time🍻😜

last year i bought a rotisserie for the kettle an after talking with sis, im gonna buy another bird an see how it turns out. If anyone has some expertise on doing one that way i would love some hints.

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