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Monaco front hubcap


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The steer axle hubcaps on our 2006 Endeavor are of the moon style. Be careful to match the tabs on the back of the hubcap to the keyways on the hub. There are a few variations of tabs. If you get one that doesn't fit and you can't return it you'll have to do some cutting and filing to make it work. Veurink's has several versions and they have the stick-on plastic logos for the centers. They made our '06 look like an '07!

Roger Smalley
2006 HR Endeavor

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The front steer hubcaps can have different configurations on different makes and models.  Not only the diameter but even more important the number of tabs and the position of the tabs that hold the cap on.  Take the front cap off that you still have and take it to any large truck shop or dealer like Freightliner (just an example).  Then they can match it up.  The new cap may not have the logo on it for your coach but you will have a cap that fits. 

You may or may not have noticed (maybe you will now) that many large trucks are missing their front steer hubcaps.  At first you may think that wow these guys are going over some pretty bad roads and loosing those hubcaps.  But you won't find them on the side of the road and it's not from metal pickers on the highway.  It's because they also have hub oil in their front axles just like our coaches have and with the cap off they can easily check the fluid level with a quick walk around at every stop (or when they choose) to make sure what the fluid level is and that the seal has not or is not failing with the number of miles they put on.  So the next time you are on the highway and can safely check out the front axle of the truck that is passing you or you passing it. take a quick look to see if it has a front hubcap or not.

Checking the level of the front axle fluid on our coaches is one of the many maintenance procedures we are supposed to do.  Some people do, some don't but those that make a living driving over the roads do and taking that hubcap off time and time again gets old so they just take them off and make their job easier.  Stay safe, Stay well

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If your looking for original simulators or caps best place to find an original is from Colaws salvage in Carthage Mo. I had purchased one very cheaply from them. They are great to work with and have many styles and will get you the right one. 
They're number is 877-548-2125

Good Luck

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I got my first replacement directly from REV.  I think it was about $35.  It stayed on for one trip, so I started looking at truck stops and chrome stores.  Lots of people said to just take the hub cap and they can match it.  I stopped at a bunch of different stores and no one could match mine.

I finally made a cardboard template of my hubcap area, including the notches.  What I finally found that worked for me was a 6 tab universal cover.  I still had to take my Dremel tool and modify 2 of the notches l. I then took a small amount of silicone sealant and it holds great.  I used Grand General part number 10770.  Cost was $6.99.  I actually made a spare, too, but have not had to use it yet.  
My coach is a 2012 Diplomat 43DFT.  Roadmaster RR10R.


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