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Samsung RF197ACRS For Sale


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Not sure if this is the correct place to advertise refer parts for Sale.

 I have a Samsung Residential Refrigerator, Model RF197ACRS for sale. I think it has a bad compressor.  We had problems with it on our last trip.  It would barely keep the refer section cool.  Twice I had technicians out and they didn't fix it.  Anyway, I am parting it out because I don't want to put it all back together.  It was a bear getting it out of my Camelot.  It was a great refer while it lasted. If someone wants it all I live near Port Charlotte Florida (about 80 miles south of Tampa.  Most parts are shippable.  Buyer pays for parts and shipping.  Don't wait the parts probably won't last long.  If you want a part or parts please look at the RF197 parts list and refer to the nomenclature in the manual.  All parts are very reasonable. Call Don at 619 944 4770 or email hikenbike77@gmail.com.

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