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Magnum AGS


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I have only tried to use my AGS one time and it didn’t start.  I had assumed that I had the start voltage set too low (11.0 volts as recommended in the manual).  Anyway, this week I decided to see if it works.  I went to the AGS menu on the remote and executed a test.  The generator started and ran for about a minute as it was supposed to.  Next, I set the start temperature to 65 degrees and put warm air on the thermostat and watched the temperature rise above 65 and the generator started as it was supposed to.  Next, I set the starting voltage to 12.2 volts.  I let the batteries run down to 12 volts and the generator did not start.  I called Magnum tech support and they had me do some troubleshooting and determined that my AGS board was bad.  The part number is ME-AGS-N and the cost is anywhere from$200-$250.  Magnum doesn’t sell direct to consumers.            
Well, as I sat around Friday night thinking about this board, I remember seeing 3 small relays on it.  So, I went out and tapped on each relay a few times with a screwdriver handle.  Sure enough, Saturday morning when the voltage dropped below 12.2, the generator started.  Since then, it has started and stopped on low voltage for 6 cycles, so I think I “fixed “ the problem.  I decided to get new relays and solder them onto the board, but the relays have been manufacturer discontinued with no compatible replacement.  I found this hard to believe, since these are PCB mounted miniature 12 volt relays.  I’ve attached a photo of the board.  The relays are Potter and Brumfield T7NS5D1-12.  TE Connectivity (formerly known as Tyco) are the ones who told me there is no replacement.  I did find some relays on Amazon that I think will work so I ordered them.  If anyone on here has an idea or opinion, please chime in.  I am not 100 percent confident how long my “fix” will last. 

Dan D, 2012 Diplomat 43DFT.   





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