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Bad fuel

Guest rnr886

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Just filled up drove about 20 miles lost all power white smoke and a little pop right when it stopped the generator also won’t run white smoke. 2006 Holiday Rambler Neptune 300 Cummings how to drain the fuel tank? 

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Buy yourself two to three sets of fuel filters. Change the current ones out for new. Then see how long they last.

You may have to purchase a specific chemical to kill the microbes that have gotten into your tank plus another chemical that will eat up all of the dead microbes once they have been killed off. Can't remember exactly what each chemical name is but it has been discussed on this forum before. You can try to do a search for the names. Or possible some other member will chime in that knows the name of the two chemicals I am referencing.

As a last resort you may have to take it to a shop to have the fuel polished.

Good luck!

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