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Seems like when I search I get most of the hits in the "digest" which has sooooo many other unrelated other topics from that day's postings that it is hard to find the thread content you are really looking for.  As the daily digest is a duplicated summary from the day, wouldn't it be better if search ignored the digest summary and just search the original posting threads?  The daily digest summary is great, but not so much when searching.


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Ok, I've made some changes to the site, and the system is rebuilding the search index without the Newsletters.  The search function may not work properly for several hours beginning at bout 1:00 am eastern time on Saturday 12/11/2021.

I've also stopped archiving Newsletters and deleted the archives, as that was 100% duplicated content.

I've also upgraded the site to the newest release, which supposedly had some search engine improvements.

Let's see if that helps!


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