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The Trip from Hell Update Again


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I got a request for an update. I thought I would share it with the group.


Thanks for the inquiry. There hasn't been much happening on the coach. I talked with the mechanic a couple of weeks ago and he said he was trying to get cough up.  He said he looked at it and had to pull the head. That is the last I have heard. In checking around about this guy, he is suppose to be honest and reliable. He has a good reputation. So we wait. I told him my budget and I think he will do his best to stay within it. At least it should be secure.

We are back in Montana and we have snow. The DW isn't to keen on going out in it, so we sit and wait. On a brighter note we have replaced her mobility scooter with a used one I found in Helena. It is about 3 time the scooter as the one that got swiped, heavier too. I guy I got it form even threw in a lift. The lift goes into the receiver on our Jeep. It was a heck of a deal (about time). 

The one down side to this wait is most of our stuff is still in the bus. Shure miss my Instant Pot. But we will make it. 

I hope this note isn't too winey. Because it isn't meant to be, I ain't wining. Things could be a lot worse and I'm grateful for the support we have received. God willing and the creek don't rise we will hit the road again. I will try and do a better job with updates when I get them. I still need to finish the floor, it's driving me nuts that it isn't done.

Thanks again for asking.

JohnScooter.thumb.jpg.210ae07fbe20160cd83e8471ab63d708.jpg Just thought I would throw this in. Lots of tread on the tires, I haven't checked the year date on them yet.

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