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Switch wiring


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Does anyone have a schematic how a typical rocker switch is wired and specifically the back lighting portion of it. 

I've been chasing a problem with my dimmer switch to get the console switches to light up at night.  I replaced the light switch and can get the switches to light up but the dimmer switch is getting hot and will ultimately blow the fuse.    I'm trying to figure out why.   I've looked at through the wiring looms and can't find any indications of heat or damage. 

I want to add some extra ground wires in various locations where I have the rocker switches to see if this helps.   Trying to figure out which switch post is the common ground if there is one and the power wire post that provides power to the switch light. 

Any other suggestions.

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Yes, the Carling switches. 

Some are simple off on, but some have functions like the generator slide in/out and the shade switches up down with the drivers side being a 3-way type switch since it works in conjunction with the passenger side.

So is there are common terminals for the light power and ground for the light???

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9 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:


Try going here and see if the information you are needing is in one of their PDF files.



Thanks, the data sheet does have multiple diagrams on the wiring and has the illumination portion.  Seems to be multiple ways these things can be wired for the back lighting. 

I was hoping there would be a simple way to tell which wires control the lamp portions. 

A number of switches have a white and orange wire, I was thinking these might be the wires I need, I guess I'll just have to do some testing and see. 

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