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Propane line behind.... the driver's seat?


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Hello Monacoers,

We are underway with the renovation of our 2000 32PB Windsor and have found something interesting. There is a copper propane line that ends behind the driver's seat with a T valve and is capped. It comes from a T junction at the furnace where the line comes up from below.

We have only ever heard of one other person with the exact same line setup, so we figure it isn't custom.

Any idea why this is there? Nothing on the build sheet or sticker that talks about it.




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I see a valve in the second picture.  And the T is after the valve?  And both sides of the T are capped?

What is on the controlled side of the valve?  The cap?  Or an appliance / external hose connection (for a grill?)

Personally, if there is nothing being used, I would cap off the line before the T valve for safety.

Maybe it was for a propane fireplace that was an option for where the couch is currently?

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