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Alternator problem


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Took the motorhome out to fuel up 4.11 a gallon in WA but that’s not the issue. Alternator quit charging when I got back to storage discovered I lost the upper bolt that holds the alternator in place so belt no longer turned. My question is where do I find the proper bolt to replace the lost one. I believe it also attaches to the belt tensioner 



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All hardware stores sell a plastic partitioned container with various bolts / nuts / washers.  Buy an SAE and a Metric set.  $40 will save you a lot of trips.

Right next to that will be a box of assorted clamps.  Get that too.

General stuff that every toolbox needs.


BTW, look to the left of the alternator...that barrel that is threaded to the long bolt...that is the tensioner.  The alternator gets bolted to that.  So, bolt those together but leave slightly loose.  Tighten the barrel adjustment.  When belt is at the proper deflection, then tighten the alternator to barrel bolt (the "missing" one) to tighten the assembly.

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