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“The Right Track” front shade repair.

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The front center 12V windshield blackout shade string broke SO today I decided to fix it. Pry the 2 holding clips loose dropping the entire shade down, mark one of the 2 12V wires with fingernail polish (polarity sensitive) and figure out how it works. The yellow plastic tubes slide on the aluminum drive tube.

String broke at the bottom so still enough to fix. Slid the alum tube out of the yellow tube for the broken string. How to pulling the string back through the holes in the shade was the biggest issue as I didn’t have a small diameter wire to pull it back in place.

Tried making one out of twisting a small electric wire unsuccessfully (2nd picture). Finally realized by taking the outer coverings off a coax cable (3rd picture) I had my solid wire. Bent the end 180 and hooked over the string 4” from the end…pulled it through the multiple holes easily. Tied a small nut around the end of the string, equalized the lengths of the 2 strings, slid the alum tube back into the yellow tube, and reinstalled. Works like it should… hope this helps someone else fix or equalize theirs.




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