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Girard tankless hot water heater


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Tankless hot water heaters are only capable of raising the temp of the water a certain amount.  So if the water you are trying to heat is cold, the water heater can only do so much. 

In general one of the downsides of a tankless hot water heater.  You have to oversize the water heater to the worse case scenario.  When you look at the displays at the big box store they will usually have a zone map showing the increase in BTU's as you go further north and this gets worse in the winter. 

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I guess it just sucks to be in 10-20 degree weather. On the other hand I am not freezing up and everything else is working good. 

On 12/27/2021 at 10:30 AM, Ivylog said:

Guess in NE you need one although cycling the key a second time should heat the air enough to start. I use the outlet to power an additional 100 A battery charger.

They make external heaters but not sure how well they will work with the 40’ long heater hoses?



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If the cooler water is happening when you connect to the campground pedestal and you have an in-line pressure regulator you could try reducing the incoming water pressure. This will reduce the volume of incoming water and allow it a slightly increased time in the heater. If water temp problem is from your tank you probably can't try this trick.

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Tankless really inhibits your ability to have hot water in cold weather, so you may have to go back to an old reliable tank type.

An inventive person might figure a way to have both.  In any case, in cold weather you'll need to either find a way to store hot water or pre warm your freshwater tank.    Then use your water pump to supply prewarmed water to the tankless.        I think some coaches come with warming pads that are to keep tanks from freezing.  Something like that might help to prewarm the water before it enters the tankless.

Here is a heater pump combined that should heat your water, it would need a thermostat though.

https://www.zoro.com/kats-circulating-tank-heater-1000w-120v-13100/i/G8730611/?gclid=e8d6fcbcca63179e42e39d72d231144d&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=e8d6fcbcca63179e42e39d72d231144d&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=PLA_US_Bing_Smart Shopping&utm_term=4586131722361390&utm_content=All Products#specifications

Kat'S Circulating Tank Heater, 1000W, 120V 13100

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