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Warning Light Flashing at Start Up Cummins ISL 400

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2008 Camelot 42P:

Ran from Gulfport MS to Charleston SC & Back.   When I left Charleston I got an amber warning light flashing for about a dozen flashes, then it quit.  Coach ran like a singer sewing machine all the way home.  Each time I shut it off and restarted it, I would get the same flashing light for a bit, then it would go out.   I did a quick search of the internet and found multiple posts saying that it is the way that the ISL 400 tells you that you have a stored code and you need to read it.     My code reader was at home  (SIDE NOTE:  its always at home when I need it in the coach.   If I am on the boat and I need something, its at the house.   If I am at the house and I need it...you got it, it's in the RV...and I am not only talking about my code reader)

Several of the sites also suggested that their most common code was water in fuel indicator.    Well  they were spot on.   That was the code and that was the problem.   I drained the water sep and did not get much water, so I tried to clear the code and my reader would not allow me to clear it.    BUT:   I changed my fuel filters and you got it.....  was able to clear the code.

I am glad that I carry spare filters in the coach.  This time it didnt even slow the motor down, usually I can feel it when the filter is in need if service.


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Dean, what code reader do you have? I recently started getting a check engine light on start up for about 5 minutes or so.  I would like to know what is triggering the light. 04 Neptune with 5.9 Cummins.

Thanks Rich 

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In my opinion, the cheapest and easiest is a simple Scangauge D, depending how involved and invested you want to get. It's got both 6 and 9 pin connectors and is a plug and play type thing plus it shows all kinds of readings if you doubt your gauges.

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