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Downloads - any way to upload files in to folders?


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I have a ton of wiring diagrams for Monacos. I see there are categories (like Electrical - Wiring Diagrams)

Rather than just upload each one individually, is there a way to create a "folder" (like 2005 Dynasty) that I can upload into when I have multiple files for the same model/year coach?

I have some Wiring Diagrams where all the components are in one file, and some where each wiring diagram is a separate file by component (those need to stay together).

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Chuck, there are a number of options.

When you do the upload, you can upload at one time as many files as you like.  Just highlight them and drag to the upload files location when prompted.  Take a look at what I did for 2008 dynasty.  250 files uploaded in one block followed by a combined file with all in one file.

Another alternative is to give me access to the files say on a share drive (Dropbox or OneDrive) were I can then use Acrobat reader to combine into one set.

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