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Opus 3110 toilet valve will not close…again


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Hopefully this is not a annual thing although I learned a lot about its operation last year with same problem.

The control board has 15 led lights across the top and blinking #11  (fault codes can be found in the manual) means faulty micro switch… same fault as last year which required replacing one of the 2 switches on the flush mechanism. Post on that repair here: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f258/dometic-electric-opus-toilet-won-t-close-520280.html

This time the cam that activates the micro switches had moved so they were not being activated. There is a arm that’s supposed to hold the cam in place and by holding against the base and bending the arm, hopefully it will stay in place.

Put the toilet back in place and couldn’t get the ball valve to move while trying different positions on the service switch. Decided to manually move the arm that moves the ball valve… have a hole on side of the toilet so able to move without moving the entire toilet. Fortunately some combination of trying to flush and service switch got it to work. Sometimes about happy wife!


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This same scenario has happened to me a few times where the ball valve was stuck open and would not close. One time I actually removed the china toilet and fooled around with the valve micro-switch on the base and got the ball valve to close. Other times I remember disconnecting power which just happen to reset everything back to normal.

I do carry a backup control board with me just in case that fails but I haven't had any problems with the control board so far. It's only been with the ball valve micro-switch at the base.

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11 hours ago, pwhittle said:

Aren’t there replacement control boards available?


Yes, but his memory must be going south. The problem was not the control board.

3 hours ago, Dr4Film said:

It's only been with the ball valve micro-switch at the base

That’s been my issues too although this time the cam had slid sideways. Hopefully bending a metal arm will keep it in place.

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