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Windshield Leak 01 Diplomat

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I noticed water leaking around the windshield seal of our '01 Diplomat. I could even see air bubbles in the corner when driving from the air leaking. Trying to find a referral in Oklahoma or North Texas for a good shop to pull my windshields are reseal them, perhaps with new gaskets if you can still get them. There's a few RV dealers in Oklahoma City but I would like to see who you guys recommend.

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I always had a problem with my upper right corner on the street side popping out. I have the two piece windshield. The best results I found was Freddie's Glass in Waco, TX. He was the only one that used a pure urethane adhesive with a separate primer application. They removed the right side windshield and gasket. Most shops just apply urethane with primer into the existing gasket. I even bought my own glass suction cups to help reset the corner myself on the road.  Been 4 years since it was done when it used to be a yearly repair for me. 

Gary 05 AMB DST

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