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2001 Monaco Dynasty Cummins Engine and transmission Sensor locations

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I have a 2001 Monaco Dynasty with a 2000 Cummins ISL 370 and 2000 Allison 3000 transmission.

I am replacing some gauges with require that I replace the Engine Temp Sensor, Engine Oil Pressure Sensor, and the Allision 3000 Temp Sensor.

Has anyone replaced their gauges before, requiring different Sensors?

I have two thoughts I need help with:


1. Where the heck are these sensors located?

2. Do I need to worry about the ECM inputs with the different sensors?


Thanks in Advance,


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Since no one has answered, I'll tell you what little I know.  My 2000 Dynasty with 350 ISC might be slightly different.

#1--for several years, Cummins had some unexplained difficulty with oil pressure sensors that fed the ECM.  They went to a two-wire sensor, which was essentially an ON-OFF switch that simply reported that oil pressure existed.  A separate sensor was used to power the oil pressure gage in the dash.  It was located close to the two-wire one on the PS of the engine.  I THINK I remember it looked like a conventional automotive oil pressure sensor with only one wire.

#2--I don't remember where the coolant temperature sensor was located, but I think it was in the vicinity of the thermostats, near the rear of the engine.

#3--The only small connector I ever remember disconnecting on the Allison was accessible from underneath the coach, near the driveshaft end of the trans.  I do not know if that powered the trans temp gage or not.

I would go check all these for you, but it's really cold and damp here and I don't relish walking out to the shed and crawling around.  Maybe if it warms up...

One thing that surprised me is there were no instrument panel gages that got their input from the ECM, not even the tachometer.  Although there is a tach output on the ECM, it does NOT power the tachometer.  The tach is definitely powered from a "TACH" output on the alternator.  IIRC, no sensors you need to replace have any connection to the ECM.

Hopefully someone else with a better memory can give you more info.

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Van is right about the tranny temp sensor, on outlet hose port towards the tranny cooler, just above the front of pan, relative to the bus. All the rest will be your engine specific and I can't help other than to point you to your engine's service manual.

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