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Had to replace the washer in our 08 Navigator.


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The inner drum in the Arister washer got so loose it would barely spin, a terminal problem… not repairable. Decided on a Samsung replacement which got delivered yesterday but the in “home” delivery doesn’t include RVs by 2 strong guys. Tried to shame them into doing it as the DW and I had replaced a Splendide in our 04 Dynasty by ourselves…nope!

If you have to replace , there’s a trick I came up with to make it easier. The hardest part is getting it out the door and holding on to the top is nearly impossible. By putting a strap around the machine near the top (machine goes out the door on its side, bottom first) you can pick it up without being on your knees and smashing your fingers underneath it.

Fortunately Monaco’s have a large door, in the closet, that lets you get to the back of the machines… combo units have a cutout at the back of the shelf above it. Had to move the dryer ahead to get to the water valves and the screw holding the electric cord. New hoses didn’t have a 90 on one end so had to reuse the old ones.



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I had to remove my Splendide for a big repair and figuring out how to get it out was the issue. 

You can work on these units in situ for small repairs from the back, top and front by tilting forward/backwards, cursing and using voodoo! My wife suggested getting Houdini in. 
The Splendide service people are amazing. 

I tried pulling it forward and out to no avail.  Easier to dismantle the MH around the washer, sarcasm!

I built a 2x4” platform, with a plywood top onto my dolly using straps to secure it firmly on the horizontally positioned dolly. (The height is critical because it must be level with the cabinet floor)

My wife watched me intently to ensure I didn’t mark or scratch ANYTHING.

 I positioned this false floor (contraption) in front of the washer cabinet. 
I cut 3 rollers out of broom handles and put them under the washer between the levelling screws.  (all pipes and cables disconnected!)

I slowly pulled the washer forward on these 3 rollers, (the more the better) onto the platform. 
From here you can remove, dismantle, repair the unit. 
Often the “long method” becomes the short method. I learned this lesson the hard way. 

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5 hours ago, cbr046 said:

What's with the shorts, t-shirt and bare feet?  Outside of OSHA non-compliant safety wear it's winter out there!

- bob

Not everywhere and the bare feet go outside too.


5 hours ago, Jdw12345 said:

That’s quite a job, I put a new combo washer/dryer in with the help of a friend of mine, big job carrying the old one out and the new one in! And we are both outdoor working men, you must have a sturdy wife sir!  

I was able to get this one from the floor, to the ledge where my feet are ^^^ and then into its hole by myself.

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