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Location of Samsung RF18 mother board


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Hello all of you who have replaced Monaco's stock refrigerator with the Samsung RF18,

My 2009 Monaco Camelot (40QDP) has been sitting plugged in for 2 seasons.  When I checked it in November I discovered that the back panel where the vent's are was frozen solid.  While I attempted to thaw it myself a hair -dryer wouldn't cut it so I called in a profesional service tech who diagnosed the Mother Board defective not supplying enough power to the fan in the top compartment (bottom freezer works fine).  However both he & I are reluctant to try & remove the fridge ourselves for fear of destroying the existing trim & lord know's what else.

My question:  Has anybody else encountered this & can you tell me where the board is located & how do you access it?

Thaks in advace,
Bill Graham

2009 Monaco Camelot 40QDP in Mesa, AZ

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I was having problems with my Samsung RF18 refrigerator with the refrigerator evaporator freezing up. Has repairman come and check it out, found low on Freon. 

$200 for service call to determine that Freon was low, install service tap and recharge. Dye was introduced system, found leak in refrigerator evaporator coil. $600 parts and labor for repair.

Control board is located on outside top of refrigerator. If you look on top you will see the enclosure.

My refrigerator was over 5 years old and out of warranty.


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