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Entry/Passenger Door Window

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Are u talking about the butyl tape to put in between the window frame and the outside wall on the coach?

If so, any glass shop or on Amazon. 

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4 hours ago, klcdenver said:

No. It goes around the glass to hold it in place in the frame.

If u have a piece of it, try a glass shop. It is probably similar to this, but RV glass is usually 7/16” thick.172E5A0A-5E67-4C94-A55D-32EF7E3FD1BF.thumb.png.5b671df0256e80450bdc15b25b22601f.png

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31 minutes ago, klcdenver said:

Thanks. I think that will work. Went to that site but never found that piece. 

Duncan Systems does RV glass. You might call them.2D870DDD-1540-4158-81CD-F7E804399183.thumb.png.574b58f969e6f4c284262edeb8362318.png

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