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Georgia Mike

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Hello everyone, 

My wife and I just purchased a new to us 2006 Dynasty. We are not new to Motorhomes because we own (still) a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery 

but this Dynasty has a lot more Stuff on it that im still trying to learn about. We owned are Discovery for about 8 years and wanted to get somthing

a little nicer because we are traveling a lot more now. Anyways the first thing i am already doing is the radiator fan control. I ordered the kit from

Source Engineering because i noticed the fan running full bore all the time. While inspecting underneath i noticed the lower radiator steel pipe was pretty rusted

and was planning since i am opening up the system to try and fix or replace that along with some other fittings. Does anyone know a source

to find radiator pipes and hoses for my rig?  Thanks,  Mike


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Congradulations on your aquisition of the Dynasty. Very good coach for the price point of the product.

Get the pipe fabricated from stainless stel tubing.  Have it bent at a shop, then trim to length needed.The hoses can be matched as close as possible at NAPA. Some may have had sucess in acquiring part #'s for the hoses, but, many have simply matched as close as possibel, and trimmed to satisfy the configuration needed.

The kit from Source is the way to go. 

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I agree with Paul. I used to work in a header/ exhaust shop and had many times people would bring in a radiator pipe off of a coach. Just a matter of bending a new one.

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